AUSTIN (KXAN) — Family members of Stephen Sylvester, the 18-year-old who authorities believe was killed by his boyfriend Bryan Canchola in July 2015, will be waiting until October to learn the outcome of court proceedings.

A witness with an illness caused the cancellation of a hearing on Friday, forcing the judge to push Canchola’s trial until Oct. 16.

“It’s very hard to wait because you replay it every day,” said Sylvester’s aunt, Chanae Perkins. “Every time we come down here to court. We haven’t missed a hearing. We won’t miss a hearing.”

The couple’s roommate told police that, in the early morning hours of July 17, 2015, Canchola and Sylvester came home after a night of drinking and began to fight, with Canchola seemingly hurting Sylvester’s dog. The roommate reported that they drove Sylvester to the hospital after he was injured by a heavy drinking glass thrown by Canchola.

Sylvester checked himself out of the hospital and, when the roommate attempted to locate him later, they found him unconscious in their West 26th Street apartment. Sylvester was then taken to the hospital again where he died.

“We want to make sure justice is served,” said Perkins.”Domestic violence is not tolerated period. Whether it be same-sex or husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, it’s all the same. Domestic violence needs to stop.”

Canchola, 22, is currently out on bond.