KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — Most people would love to have large trees towering over their front yard, but some in Kyle say their big trees are a safety concern.

Those living in the Plum Creek neighborhood say sycamore trees standing between the sidewalk and road are cracking roads and buckling sidewalks. If you take a drive through the neighborhood it’s easy to find patched sidewalks in some areas and large cracks in others.

KXAN reached out to neighbors living with sycamore trees in their front yards only to hear a similar response from many. “These trees are a liability, not only to the infrastructure, but to the other trees,” said Plum Creek Resident Joe Ryan.

Ryan moved into the neighborhood for two reason, he loves the community and the trees. Now a few years later, part of the reason he moved to the neighborhood is part of the problem. “Several people have fallen, busted kneecaps, elbows, arms, noses,” he said.

Two large sycamore trees used to stand in front of Ryan’s house. Ryan says the trees caused problems to his sidewalk and sucked all the moisture from his front yard to where he couldn’t grow grass. Ryan says the homeowners association won’t pay to remove the trees so he paid out of his own pocket to have them cut down. However, not everyone in his neighborhood can afford to remove the trees or fix the sidewalk with their own money.

“There are people that are quite concerned. I would just like to see a public awareness that some people should be able to manage their own risk, manage their own liability and remove certain trees that are impacting their lives,” said Ryan.

Even with cracked sidewalks, Ryan says not everyone in the neighborhood wants to remove the trees. “The public sentiment is that we should not touch the trees, some people are quite vocal and that’s fully understandable,” he said. “I would like to see a general recognition of the fact that some people have a significant problem.”

KXAN did reach out to Plum Creek’s Homeowners association to see if they could answer some of our questions, but we did not hear back.