AUSTIN (KXAN) — Travis County is asking for the community’s help to break a voter registration record.

As part of September’s Voter Registration Month, the county hopes to register more than 15,000 voters in order to reach the goal by the end of the month. So far, Travis County has almost 700,000 registered voters but needs about 715,495 eligible voters in order to break the record.

Travis County voter registrar and tax assessor Brue Elfant started the registration challenge last September. At the time, the county needed to add 100,000 people to the voter registration roll.

“With our current success and the community’s help this September, it is possible we can register more than 90 percent of the county’s eligible voters,” Elfant said.

Texas ranks as the 49th in the nation for voter turnout and Elfant hopes the challenge will make an effort in changing voter turnout for the better.

“Texas prides itself in being bigger at everything, but it is small when it comes to casting ballots to elect our leaders and deciding about ballot initiatives, such as bonds that tax homeowners and changes in laws,” Elfant said.

Starting Sept. 4, each week will focus on a specific community group in order to register different voters.

  • Sept. 4-10, Community Week: Voter registration outreach by nonprofits, community centers and senior housing, and personal outreach among families, friends and neighbors.
  • Sept. 11-17, Houses of Worship Week: Voter registration drives at churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and meeting houses before and after services and pastors, imams, rabbis and worship leaders deliver messages of civic responsibility to register and vote.
  • Sept. 18-24, Civic Week: Voter registration drives at corporations, small businesses, food banks, public and private libraries, shelters and government offices.
  • Sept. 25-30, Education Week: Voter registration drives and teacher presentations on responsibility to register and vote at public and private universities, colleges, vocational and trade schools, and high schools.

For additional information or if you need assistance for a voter registration drive, you email the Travis County tax office.

The cutoff to register to vote for the Nov. presidential election is Oct. 8.