AUSTIN (KXAN) — Travis County has referred 17 alleged cases of people voting twice — once during early voting and again on election day — to the county attorney.

The tax assessor and voter registrar, Bruce Elfant, confirms to KXAN he’s communicated to the county attorney about the issues from last November’s election.

“Any intentional voter fraud is too much and if we see questionable ballots we’re going to forward them and make sure they’re investigated,” said Elfant.

Travis County Attorney David Escamilla says he referred the cases to the District Attorney’s Office because they reached felony status. To be a felony, a person must knowingly try to vote illegally; in this case, voting twice.

Four of the alleged double voters were found at Baty Elementary in southeast Austin. Out of 17 total across the county, 12 are in separate locations. Nearly half a million people voted in Travis County in November 2016.

It’s now up to county prosecutors to decide whether to bring a case.

“That’s up to them and if they find people voted intentionally twice then they should be prosecuted and convicted,” said Elfant.

For it to be a felony, they must have voted twice on purpose. The DA’s office told me they don’t comment on active investigations. If any of these end in conviction, the elections office would have to work with prosecutors to strike the votes from the official results.

This comes as President Trump’s special committee on election integrity has asked for a long list of voter information. Last week, the Texas Secretary of State’s Office confirmed they would be sending all public voting information to the commission, leaving out private information like the last four digits of someone’s social security number.

The new chair of the Texas GOP told us these cases reinforce his belief in the president’s advisory commission on election integrity.

James Dickey, GOP Chairman, said, “You multiply that by a couple hundred counties and you multiply that by 50 states, it adds up to a pretty significant number.”