AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Travis County GOP has moved to remove Chairman Robert Morrow on Friday.

Morrow’s tenure has been marked by his jester hat, controversial social media posts and most recently, protesting outside a Donald Trump rally. Party members have been openly complaining about Morrow sending out offensive messages on social media.

“When I was elected to this position I promised I was going to be a political truth teller and I wasn’t going to be political hack,” said Morrow after the news that he would no longer be the party’s chairman.

On Aug. 19, Morrow registered as a write-in candidate for president. His paperwork has been approved by the Texas Secretary of State.

That latest political move contributed to Morrow losing his position. According to a former member of the party’s executive team, running for a federal elected position would be a violation of its bylaws.

David J. Duncan is currently serving as the acting chairman until a new chairman is elected at a meeting scheduled on Sept. 20.

“I think most people did not realize who or what he was and there’s also a lot of theories on how something like this could have happened,” said Duncan. “But I think now that he’s become a little more notorious, more people will realize he’s not someone they would want to vote for in the future.”

Morrow has responded saying he is against the move.