AUSTIN (KXAN) – In a resolution they voted on and approved Sunday night, the Travis County Democratic Party is calling on the Austin City Council to shoot down the proposed Police Association contract.

They say it does not include enough transparency, oversight and accountability.

The last contract ended on Sept. 30, but negotiators used a 30-day extension to give them more time to work through some issues.

The City Council will vote on the contract in early November.

It’s important to note that the Democratic Party’s decision has a big impact because all but one Austin council member is a Democrat.

Without an agreement by November, officers would lose some pay and benefits, the civilian review panel could go away, and the police monitor loses full access to internal affairs documents.

“With support from every part of the county and no person voting in opposition, the resolution sends a clear message that we expect our community to have policing standards as set forth by Obama’s Department of Justice,” said Vincent Harding, chair of the Travis County Democratic Party in a statement. “Central Texas should support both community empowerment and good policing. I am proud of the Party for having the courage to stand up for the community.”