AUSTIN (KXAN) – Here’s what you can expect at the State Capitol Wednesday, April 8.On the Floors:

Pre-K funding stands as one of Gov. Abbott’s “emergency items.” HB 4 by Rep. Huberty, R-Houston, is what it looks like in the real world. It would give $1,500 more to a district per student, if they meet higher standards. It is up for a vote on the House floor and it is expected to pass. Opponents of the current bill actually like the idea but believes it doesn’t go far enough. Don’t be surprised if an amendment attempt is made to boost the funding above $1,500 per student. Debate begins at 10 a.m.In Committees:

When the House is finished on the floor, the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee will hear several bills on marijuana. A long shot, yes. But, conservative lawmakers are at least talking about it ever since a Republican wrote an op-ed about how “God gave us the plant, and God doesn’t make mistakes.” Supporters want anything from decriminalization to only legalizing the use of cannibus oil for sick children.

The Senate Finance committee received the House’s budget and begins to tinker with things to their standards. The budget is the only thing lawmakers have to pass and after two versions are created, five representatives and five senators will negotiate until the final product is finished. They meet at 9 a.m.Events:

Hundreds of public educators will come to the Capitol today to protect their Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS). The health insurance program is in jeopardy unless action is taken this session by lawmakers. A rally and ice cream social is planned on the lawn of the Capitol after teachers lobby their legislators to save the program. It will be insolvent in 2016. The two budget bills add more than $750 million to the programs, but lawmakers still need to vote on them.

At the same time, the Texas State Employees Union will march on the capitol to call for lawmakers to pass a budget that increases funding for higher education, re-regulate tuition and fully fund pensions and health care benefits. Expect megaphones and stickers as they try

The family of a slain child, Colton Turner, will meet with lawmakers to draw attention to “Colton’s Law” (HB 2053). The bill going through the process now will help protect children who fall through the cracks and give authorities more enforcement power. At 1 p.m. a panel of lawmakers will hear public testimony.Coming Up:

A bill that would let CHL holders take their weapons on college campuses sailed through the Senate by party lines, could it happen again in the House? Representatives will likely bring “campus carry” to the floor this week. Also look for “open carry” soon.

An effort to move a unit that investigates corruption of public officials into the Office of the Attorney General is in full swing. Representatives will likely move the process along while it stalls in the Senate without support from two crucial Republican lawmakers.