(iSeeCars) – “The land of the free” is also the land of the pickup truck. The Ford F-150 has been America’s best-selling new vehicle for an astounding 39 years, and three additional pickup trucks are also among the top 10 best sellers. Pickup trucks are also popular with used car buyers, with pickups accounting for the top three best-selling used vehicles.

While pickup trucks dominate sales across the country, how do they fare in individual states? To find out, iSeeCars looked at over 12.9 million vehicle sales to determine the most popular used and new cars by state. 

Before we look at the top-selling new and used cars by state, here are some interesting statistics:

Most Popular Cars by State: By the Numbers:

  • Pickup trucks are the most popular new car in 34 of 50 states.
  • Pickup trucks are the most popular used car in 40 of 50 states.
  • The Ford F-150 is the most popular new car in 22 of 50 states.
  • The Ford F-150 is the most popular used car in 39 of 50 states.
  • Excluding pickup trucks, the most popular new car is the Hyundai Tucson in 6 states.
  • Excluding pickup trucks, the most popular used cars are the Nissan Sentra, the Honda Civic, and the Toyota RAV4 in two states each.
  • California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont are the only states without a pickup truck as the most popular new or used vehicle.

Most Popular New and Used Cars by State: 

Here are the most popular new and used vehicles in every state:

Most Popular Used Cars by State – iSeeCars
StateMost Popular New Car % Vehicle Share in StateMost Popular Used Car% Vehicle Share in State
AlabamaFord F-1505.5%Ford F-1504.3%
AlaskaRam Pickup 150017.9%Ford F-1506.8%
ArizonaRam Pickup 15003.3%Ford F-1502.8%
ArkansasGMC Sierra 15007.4%Ford F-1504.2%
CaliforniaHonda Civic5.5%Honda Civic3.5%
ColoradoFord F-1506.2%Ford F-1503.8%
ConnecticutHyundai Tucson4.3%Nissan Rogue3.2%
DelawareFord F-1503.4%Ford F-1502.8%
FloridaHyundai Tucson3.0%Ford F-1502.7%
GeorgiaFord F-1505.9%Ford F-1503.8%
HawaiiNissan Frontier5.0%Nissan Sentra3.8%
IdahoFord F-1507.9%Ford F-1507.2%
IllinoisHyundai Tucson3.2%Ford F-1502.8%
IndianaChevrolet Silverado 15004.2%Ford F-1503.8%
IowaChevrolet Silverado 15005.0%Ford F-1505.0%
KansasFord F-1507.4%Ford F-1505.0%
KentuckyFord F-1504.2%Ford F-1504.0%
LouisianaFord F-1506.3%Ford F-1504.9%
MaineFord F-15010.6%Ford F-1505.3%
MarylandToyota RAV44.0%Toyota Camry2.2%
MassachusettsHonda CR-V4.3%Toyota RAV43.6%
MichiganRam Pickup 15006.7%Ford Escape5.9%
MinnesotaFord F-1504.7%Ford F-1504.5%
MississippiFord F-1505.2%Ford F-1505.7%
MissouriChevrolet Silverado 15005.3%Ford F-1504.5%
MontanaFord F-15013.6%Ford F-1508.2%
NebraskaFord F-15010.0%Ford F-1504.5%
NevadaFord F-1504.9%Nissan Sentra2.3%
New HampshireHyundai Tucson3.6%Chevrolet Silverado 15003.1%
New JerseyHonda CR-V2.9%Honda Civic3.2%
New MexicoFord F-1505.7%Ford F-1504.4%
New YorkHyundai Tucson3.7%Jeep Grand Cherokee2.8%
North CarolinaChevrolet Silverado 15004.3%Ford F-1502.3%
North DakotaRam Pickup 15008.2%Ford F-1506.1%
OhioChevrolet Equinox4.2%Ford F-1503.7%
OklahomaChevrolet Silverado 15006.2%Ford F-1505.9%
OregonFord F-1504.8%Ford F-1503.5%
PennsylvaniaHonda CR-V3.1%Ford F-1503.4%
Rhode IslandHyundai Tucson4.8%Ford F-1503.1%
South CarolinaHonda CR-V4.1%Ford F-1503.6%
South DakotaGMC Sierra 150013.3%Ford F-1507.3%
TennesseeFord F-1504.2%Ford F-1504.1%
TexasFord F-1505.9%Ford F-1504.3%
UtahFord F-1505.9%Ford F-1504.7%
VermontToyota RAV47.4%Toyota RAV44.8%
VirginiaToyota RAV44.8%Ford F-1503.0%
WashingtonSubaru Forester3.7%Ford F-1504.0%
West VirginiaFord F-1504.6%Ford F-1505.7%
WisconsinFord F-1505.6%Ford F-1505.6%
WyomingFord F-15013.9%Ford F-1507.6%

The ubiquitous Ford F-150 dominates new and used car sales, while additional American pickup trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the Ram Pickup 1500, and the GMC Sierra 1500 also appear as the most popular vehicles in multiple states. Thanks to their versatility, pickup trucks have evolved from being strictly work vehicles to being embraced as family-friendly haulers. Pickup trucks remain in-demand vehicles for both new and used car buyers, with no signs of slowing down.

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