Unlocking the mystery of chronic issues like poor gut health and brain fog might be easier than you think. Dr. Elena Villanueva of Infinity Wellness Center joined us in the st udio to tell us more about how they can help patients with these issues. Many patients come to Infinity Wellness Center after experiencing a lack of results with traditional practitioners. Her success is based on the ability to discover the root cause of a patient’s symptoms, and then to design a custom program based upon their body’s chemistry and genetics resulting in restored energy and a renewed enthusiasm for life! Dr. Villanueva specializes in finding and correcting the imbalances in the body that result in symptoms such as fatigue, chronic pain, brain fog, auto immune disorders, neuro chemical imbalances, irritable bowel, constipation, chronic infections, trouble losing weight, brain fog, insomnia, Fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression. You can join Dr. V the 2nd Thursday of each month at her engaging and dynamic “A Gut Feeling” educational series at People’s Pharmacy at 3801 South Lamar Boulevard starting at 7:00 PM.

  • January 12th: Leaky Gut Syndrome: the Link Between Inflammation and Epigenetics
  • February 9th: Anxiety and Depression: The Gut/Brain Connection
  • March 9th: The Gut Microbiome: Your Personal Fingerprint
  • April 13th: Autoimmune Diseases: the Link Between Inflammation, Gut, and Epigenetics
  • May 11th: Thyroid, Adrenals, and Fatigue: “Elimination”

The March 9 event will be part 3 of the 5 part series on Gut Health and it’s relation to many health problems. Last segment we discussed it’s relation to anxiety and depression and other neurochemical imbalances. This next discussion at People’s pharmacy will discuss the microbiome of the gut, the reasons the microbiome can become imbalanced, as well as how our gut health is a major determinant in the way we interact in our environment. Our next segment will introduce the progressive, scientific approach of genetics and its connection to new, highly effective approaches for restoring the gut microbiome and optimizing wellness through precision, “bioindividualized” nutrition based on our genetic blueprints.

Infinity Wellness Center is located 5000 Davis Lane, 78749, suite 106. To schedule an appointment or for more information call 512-328-0505 or go to AustinHolisticDR.com.

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