The candidates running for Austin City Council District 10

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Current Austin City Council member Sheri Gallo is going up against three other candidates who want her seat: Alison Alter, Nicholas Virden and Rob Walker. District 10 serves west Austin.

Gallo claims that she is proud of the accomplishments she has had over the past two years, including being an advocate for the tax payers of her district. She was one of the lead sponsors in making sure there was a continuation of the 20 percent homestead exemption, which is extremely important as property values increase.

“It is important to keep Austin’s character as it is, but it is also important to maintain that affordability in whatever way we can so people can stay here and people can afford to live here,” Gallo said.

Regarding to this affordability problem is candidate Alison Alter who chose to run in response to her fellow constituents personally expressing their concerns of their district’s current state. “Right now there is a lot more representation of developer interest than there are of the people who live in our district,” Alter said.

Alter is hoping to contribute to growth by adding a new linkage fee on new residential and commercial development.

Nicholas Virden brings a fresh and young mindset to the ballot, and a concern for the cost of living in Austin.

Not only is Virden hoping to streamline the building code process, but he is proposing that the city make the process electronic in order to eliminate just one person reviewing every single step of the code. This leads to the turnaround process to be quicker than over one hundred days in order for a permit to be approved. “There is something to be said by just digitizing our processes, so that we can save money,” Virden said. “It just makes sense.”

Lastly, Rob Walker is a finance expert who is believes the biggest problem to tackle is transportation. He is against the mobility, as he claims it is not traffic-centric due to less than one seventh of the bond is dedicated to traffic congestion and relief.

Walker proposes an alternative traffic relief and flood control bond instead. He explains that his more “well rounded” bond would contribute more to traffic congestion and safe sidewalks and intersections.Alison Alter

Sheri Gallo (incumbent)

Nicholas Virden

Rob Walker

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