AUSTIN (KXAN) As Austin grows, changes keep coming. The YMCA said it was exploring options for its nine locations in the Austin area as a part of its 2030 strategic plan.

This is a way for the Greater Austin YMCA to keep up with Austin’s expansion while meeting the community’s needs, according to strategic communications and public affairs officer Sean Doles.

“Austin is undergoing explosive growth,” he said. “In order to keep up with that need, the greater Austin YMCA has to grow.”

This involves redesigning and redeveloping facilities to include affordable housing, childcare and retail run by local businesses.

“People like teachers, firefighters and other workers for nonprofits such as the YMCA could actually have a place to live in Central Austin that is affordable,” Sean Doles said.

Melba Martinez is an Austin resident of 38 years. She said she joined the Townlake YMCA in 2021 after surviving a stroke.

“The benefits are innumerable,” the 78-year-old said. “There are just their quantitative and qualitative benefits.”

Martinez also mentioned it’s getting busier at her YMCA.

“If you get here at five o’clock in the morning, the parking lot’s full,” she said. “When you leave, you barely see any parking spots open.”

The Greater Austin YMCA says their facility usage has surpassed pre-pandemic levels.

“Our usage right now among our members and program participants is at an all-time high,” Doles said.

He added that membership grew by 70% from pandemic levels.

Shaquan Brown is the Executive Director of the Townlake YMCA.

“We’re taking up a lot more space,” he said. “There are more members. We’re bursting at the seams.”

The YMCA is also eyeing expansion in towns such as Lakeway, Kyle, Del Valle and Pflugerville.

In 2022, the YMCA purchased a former child care center in West Austin. It’s now being built into a new YMCA Center, located in the Four Points area.

To find out more about the 2030 Vision, you can visit the YMCA’s website.