HOUSTON (KIAH) — A new Texas law can affect how those struggling to feed their families may have their benefits adjusted by what kind of car they own.

SNAP benefits are eligible to households based on income, resources and family size. As of last month, over a million SNAP benefit cases have been filed across Texas.

However, according to Feeding Texas, a food bank nonprofit, more than 54,000 SNAP applicants in Texas were denied due to the value of their vehicles. Here’s why.

The Texas Health and Human Services office in Austin said due to House Bill 1287, this will allow for the exclusion of certain resources from applicants when determining eligibility. This means this will increase the fair market value exclusion for the first vehicle from $15,000 to $22,500. Additional vehicles will be based on $4,650-$8,700.

HHS said by adjusting the maximum excluded amount for the fair market value of a vehicle when determining eligibility, the number of eligible Texans may increase.

You can qualify for SNAP if:

  • you’re a U.S citizen or qualified non-citizen
  • Texas resident
  • must verify identity
  • Provide a social security number or apply for one

You can find more resources on SNAP and additional benefits at 211Texas.org. To find local food pantries in your area, visit feedingtexas.org. Some individuals may be eligible for additional benefits beyond SNAP, visit here for support.