Lubbock, TX (KXAN/ CNN) — For Texas couple BJ and Danny Morman, Whataburger is a big deal.

The Mormans go twice a day, every day. What. A. Commitment.

It just so happened one visit to the Whataburger on Quaker Avenue in Lubbock, Texas was their 62nd anniversary, so staff couldn’t resist a surprise celebration.

They decorated a table in a cover with the fast food chain’s logo, and set on top of it orange and white flowers, a picture of the two in honor of their loyal customers, and an order card bearing the number sixty-two.

Employees also sang and walked out with an orange frosted cake for everyone to enjoy.

But it’s not just the food the old couple loves, it’s the service.

“This is the ultimate treatment you get as a customer but I like to think of it as friendship,” BJ Morman said. The employees say they feel the same.

“It makes me so happy that I get to come here and see their happy little face,” said Brooklyn, who works for the company.

BJ says the key to their marriage is, “You agreed to do something and you keep your word and marriage is just like that.”

Danny’s message is much simpler: “Well, he’s always been there for me.”

If you were curious what they’ve been eating all of those years, their favorite meal includes chicken strips and a whataburger with extra veggies.