DALLAS COUNTY (KXAN) – On May 31, a Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy helped save an unresponsive 4-year-old girl. The girl’s mother ran to Deputy K. Rose’s squad car for help in the middle of a traffic intersection, according to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

“The small child, approximately 4 years old, appeared to be limp and not moving with a white foamy substance coming from her mouth,” DCSO said.

Deputy Rose got out of his squad car, grabbed the child and began CPR.

“After several chest compressions, the child regained consciousness,” DCSO said.

Other first responders were called, and the mother and daughter were taken to an ambulance where paramedics evaluated the child. The girl was then taken to a children’s hospital for further evaluation.

“The Dallas Sheriff’s Office commends Deputy Rose for his quick actions and thinking under pressure in helping save the child who was clearly in distress,” the DCSO said in a statement.

You can watch the dashcam video of the incident in the video player above.