LULING, Texas (KXAN) – Over the weekend, volunteers continued their search in Luling for missing Texas State University student Jason Landry.

“This search is part of the ongoing efforts of volunteers for Jason Landry and his family … Each search is strategically planned, and the efforts will continue until Jason is found,” search coordinators said.

Roughly 30 volunteers participated in the search, among them were at least six professional dog handlers with human remains search dogs, according to organizers.

“The search team was greeted and prayed over by Jason’s mother Lisa Landry before the search began early Saturday morning,” search coordinators said.

According to organizers, the searchers came from all over Texas to participate in the efforts, even though the area around Salt Flat Road in Luling and the crash site where Jason’s car was found was vast and, in many areas, very dense and rough terrain.  

“In spite of these or any other obstacles, the volunteers for Jason Landry and the search team, remain fully dedicated in these efforts until Jason Landry has been found.” coordinators said.

Anyone with any information that would help lead to Jason’s whereabouts was asked to contact Rachel Kading at the office of the Texas Attorney General-Cold Case Division at 512-936-0742.