(NEXSTAR) — An H-E-B “hack” has been blowing peoples’ minds on social media.

Last week, TikTok user Lucy Huynh (@Lucystylezz) shared a video revealing a “secret” seafood service provided by Texas’ favorite grocery store: Customers can get seafood seasoned and steamed for free if the items are purchased at H-E-B’s Fish Market.

Huynh’s video, which currently has over 2 million views, shows an H-E-B employee confirming the market’s policy after Huynh “went to HEB to check” if the rumor was true. (It’s worth noting that Huynh’s video is marked as being a “paid partnership.”)

Judging by the replies, many Texans were pleasantly surprised by the policy.

“I worked at HEB and didn’t know this,” one user joked.

H-E-B told Nexstar most of its seafood service departments can steam fish, and that most offer three seasonings — Old Bay, lemon pepper and Creole.

“This is a service we’ve been proud to offer customers for many years,” H-E-B told Nexstar Thursday. “A few participating stores will also provide crawfish boils in front of our stores during the crawfish season (typically starting in February).”

H-E-B said some of the seafood items that are best steamed are lobster, crab and shrimp.

Plenty of viewers on TikTok, naturally, shared their intentions to visit an H-E-B and try the steamed seafood offerings for themselves — though hopefully not all at once.

“Y’all about to have those workers stressed,” one user joked.