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UVALDE, Texas (Nexstar) – New security measures are set to be implemented at all Uvalde CISD campuses. 

Uvalde CISD superintendent Dr. Hal Harrell made this announcement in a video Thursday — the latest video in a series of announcements by Harrell.

Standing outside of Dalton Elementary, Harrell showed the new 8-foot fencing donated by Designmaster. It will replace the chain link fences at campuses in the district. Construction has already begun at Dalton and Benson Elementary. A timeline for completion of construction on each campus has not been set.

Eight portable trailers have already been brought to Dalton Elementary and will have Wi-Fi, intercom and fire alarm systems. The portables will house adults, special rotations and a few classes. 

Campuses will also receive an updated camera system with more expansive and enhanced coverage, according to Harrell. There will be screened entry points prior to campus entry and added door sensors and door locks.

Phase 2 of the security measures will begin when school resumes in September. These measures will largely focus on the inside security of campus buildings. This will include new campus monitors who will patrol hallways and entry gates. 

Dr. Harrell also announced that the Uvalde school board approved a later school start date. Instead of starting August 15, the first day of school has been moved to Sept. 6. Additionally, all students, from pre-K to 12th grade, will be able to receive a free backpack and school supplies that have been donated to the district.