UVALDE, Texas (KXAN) — A 77-page report released by the Texas House’s Investigative Committee Sunday detailed the operational failures and miscommunications that surrounded the Robb Elementary School mass shooting May 24. But the report also started with a memorial dedication to each of the 19 children and two teachers killed to give Texans — and the world — a greater sense of who they were, and the legacies they’ve left behind.

“The Committee submits this report with great humility and the deepest respect for the victims and their families,” the report’s dedication reads. “It is the Committee’s sincere hope that this brings some clarity for them as to the facts that happened. This report is meant to honor them.”

July 13, 2022: In the weeks after the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the memorial for the 21 victims outside the campus building has grown. (KXAN Photo/Frank Martinez)
July 13, 2022: In the weeks after the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the memorial for the 21 victims outside the campus building has grown. (KXAN Photo/Frank Martinez)

Nevaeh Alyssa Bravo

Bravo was known for her love of softball, riding her bike and the colors pink and purple. Her family says she is “remembered as a playful girl who put a smile on the faces of everyone around her.” She was known for her love of family, and remembered for the times spent helping her dad around their house.

Jacklyn “Jackie” Jaylen Cazares

Cazares is remembered for her love of singing, animals and making TikTok videos. She dreamed of becoming a veterinarian when she grew up, inspired in part by her love for her family’s four dogs. She had hoped to visit Paris one day, and is remembered by loved ones as “someone who would go out of her way to help anyone.

Makenna Lee Elrod

In her memorial dedication, loved ones remember Elrod “as the light in the lives of those who knew her.” Her favorite color was purple and favorite sports were softball and gymnastics.

Elrod loved spending time with family members, and had a particular soft spot for ranch days with her dad. “Her smile lit up rooms, and she liked to leave hidden notes for her family to find,” loved ones said.

Jose Manuel Flores, Jr.

Known for his kindness and love for others, Flores was an honor roll student who dreamed of becoming a police officer when he grew up so he could protect others. He was regarded as an “amazing” older brother who helped care for his siblings, and “his parents called him ‘a helper’ because he was always pitching in at home.”

Eliahna “Ellie” Amyah Garcia

Remembered for her gentleness and kindhearted ways, Garcia adored spending time with her family and was particularly close to her grandparents. She loved playing basketball and had wished to become a cheerleader someday.

She loved the colors pink and purple, and was particularly a fan of a “nice bowl of ramen noodles.” Though five years away, she’d begun planning for her quinceañera, picking dresses and dances for the celebration.

Irma Garcia

A teacher of 23 years, loved ones described Garcia as “courageous and selfless,” both a wife and a mom of four who was always ready to help anyone in need. Her life’s legacy, loved ones said, is remembered in her final moments.

“Irma died protecting her students, and her heroism will be remembered forever,” they wrote.

Uziyah Sergio Garcia

Loved ones described Garcia as someone who was outgoing and loved both his family and his “cousins and brothers from another mother.” A sports enthusiast, he loved running, swimming, football and playing video games on his Nintendo Switch.

“He was always fair and full of life,” they said.

Amerie Jo Garza

Both “considerate and fun-loving,” Garza loved her three-year-old brother and would start every morning by giving him a kiss before school. Some of her favorites included swimming, drawing and a classic Starbucks vanilla bean frappe. She had hoped to become an art teacher when she grew up.

Xavier James Lopez

An active boy whose favorite sports included swimming and little league baseball with his team, the Blue Jays, Lopez was remembered as “lively, energetic, and always eager to dance.” He especially loved to dance the cumbia with his grandma. A stylish little boy, he was known for his clothes and “had a smile that could cheer anyone up.”

Jayce Carmelo Luevanos

Known as a “happy, thoughtful boy,” Luevanos’ love of friends and dinosaurs are just two of the things loved ones will remember him by. “He made his grandparents a pot of coffee every morning and would leave notes saying that he loved them,” family members wrote.

Tess Marie Mata

A gifted athlete whose talents extended to softball, soccer and gymnastics — especially perfecting the art of the backbend — Mata loved the Houston Astros and played in the same position as her personal favorite, José Altuve. She had been saving up money to treat her family to a vacation at Disney World.

Maranda Gail Mathis

A “shy tomboy,” Mathis is remembered for her love of unicorns and mermaids, especially purple ones. She had “an incredible imagination” and loved spending her time exploring outdoors.

Eva Mireles

“Dedicated and vibrant,” Mireles is remembered for her athleticism and love for all things CrossFit and hiking. Mireles dedicated 17 years to teaching her students, who were on the receiving end of her love alongside her dog, Kane, and her family.

“She was a hero who never gave up throughout an impossible ordeal,” the tribute wrote.

Alithia Haven Ramirez

“Talented and bighearted,” Ramirez’s artistry was just one of her many talents, and she dreamed of going to art school in Paris. She is remembered as a role model to her siblings and as someone always willing to help those in needs.

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez

A “sharp student” consistently on the honor roll, Rodriguez is regarded for her empathy and loyalty. She loved spending time with her sisters and scrolling through TikToks.

“Her favorite color was blue—especially blue found on butterflies,” family members noted.

Maite Yuleana Rodriguez

Rodriguez was the perfect balance of sweet and competitive, loved ones noted, who adored animals and dreamed of attending Texas A&M University to become a marine biologist. Her favorite animals were dolphins, whales and dogs, and she loved the idea of exploring the ocean.

“Her favorite color was green, and she enjoyed a #13 from Whataburger—always with a side of sliced jalapenos,” they wrote.

Alexandria “Lexi” Aniyah Rubio

Regarded as “intelligent and driven,” family remember Rubio for her brilliant smile and love of sports, especially softball and basketball.

“Lexi was an all-A student who wanted to become a lawyer one day, and she was interested in social and political issues because she wanted to make a difference,” they noted.

Layla Marie Salazar

“Witty and lively,” Salazar’s athleticism shown through her memory as a swimmer, dancer and runner who won six races at a recent field day. She adored singing with her parents while going to and from school, and treasured taco runs with her grandparents.

Jailah Nicole Silguero

“A pure delight,” Silguero loved dancing, spending time outside and making TikToks. Her family and friends say she was “a joy to be around.”

Eliahna Torres

A little girl with a sense of humor that helped dub her the “master of jests,” she was known for her compassionate and loving nature, along with her ability to make people laugh. Her athleticism translated into her selection for a spot on the city’s all-star softball team.

“Eliahna was a natural leader who was also known for her warmth and selflessness,” loved ones said.

Rojelio Fernandez Torres

Loved ones described Torres as both clever and positive, who enjoyed spending his free time outside, playing football or playing videogames like Pokémon.

“Rojelio was always eager to help others and had a real love for life,” they said.