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AUSTIN (KXAN) — The social media platform Yubo is updating its safety policies after KXAN and other media outlets reported about the Uvalde school shooter’s interactions there.

Nineteen children and two teachers were killed at Robb Elementary May 24. A Yubo user who said he interacted with Salvador Ramos on the platform for a year told KXAN he frequently made threats about shooting others.

Yubo is a French app that launched in 2015 and lets people livestream with up to 10 friends. It opened an American headquarters in Florida in 2020 and has millions of users around the world.

It said since the shooting, it’s worked to “accelerate safety developments and further expand the scope of existing safeguards” and highlighted four changes it made. It’s using technology to moderate audio in addition to text, which it’s testing with its English users. It said it’s one of the first social media companies to use this technology. It already uses automated moderation tools and also worked to update the algorithm it uses to detect issues or harassment.

“The algorithm aggregates and assesses a combination of signals – keywords, emojis, and images, for example – to evaluate content with context. This bolsters our other safety detection tools, which scan for individual signals of infractions or risk, and provides enriched context to our emergency escalation team,” it said.

Yubo also updated its policy on reviewing and acting on problematic content based on “more stringent laws and regulations,” instead of only following the laws in the part of the world where the content was posted. This summer, users will also be able to attach screenshots or videos to reports.

“The devastating events of 24 May in Uvalde, Texas, brought to light systemic issues in society that need to be addressed,” Yubo said. “We are dedicated to doing our part by identifying and implementing safety solutions to the Yubo platform.”