This story is part of a KXAN series of reports called “Stop Mass Shootings,” providing context and exploring solutions surrounding gun violence in the wake of the deadly Uvalde school shooting. We want our reports to be a resource for Texans, as well as for lawmakers who are convening a month after the events in Uvalde to discuss how the state should move forward. Explore all “Stop Mass Shootings” stories by clicking here.

UVALDE, Texas (KXAN) — A high-ranking Texas Department of Public Safety officer is under investigation after he allegedly delayed a law enforcement team from entering classrooms at Robb Elementary School during the May 24 mass shooting in Uvalde, according to a new report from CNN.

CNN reported DPS Capt. Joel Betancourt told a strike team to wait over an hour into the attack, based on an audio recording the outlet obtained. CNN also reported he said he thought a more highly skilled team was on its way.

KXAN has requested and been denied his vehicle audio and body cam recordings. KXAN reached out to DPS for a statement Thursday night. This story will be updated with a response.

Nineteen children and two teachers were killed in the shooting.

Ninety-one DPS troopers responded to Robb Elementary on May 24, after responders got reports of an active shooter situation. At least seven officers were put under investigation for their response to the shooting. DPS has not released any names or information about them. Former Uvalde CISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo was fired in August.

Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw previously said during the time law enforcement was waiting to breach the classroom, children pleaded on the phone with 911 at least twice to send in police.

Officers’ actions have been widely criticized in the wake of the shooting, with McCraw calling the shooting response “an abject failure.”