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UVALDE, Texas (KXAN) — More than 100 people with the Texas Funeral Directors Association are in Uvalde on Thursday to provide assistance to families who lost loved ones in the Robb Elementary School shooting.

Directors, counselors and volunteers with the association are on hand to help the families with funeral arrangements, and those are just some of the people who are in town lending people a hand.

Both Lutheran Church Charities and Maya’s Love are nonprofit groups sending support in various ways. Lutheran Church Charities, a national nonprofit, provided support dogs and a cross for each victim. Bonnie Fear with the organization said the folks who work for them know when someone is feeling the effects of a tragedy like this.

“We’re trained to watch and to look at people’s eyes and to look how they’re feeling their body language and we’ll just go put an arm around them or we stand next to him with a dog because we know, we know they’re hurting,” she said.

Maira Carrier with Maya’s Love is helping provide, toys, food and hugs for those affected.

“We provide care packages and resources for children who have been through emotional trauma. So we just want you to be here and show some love,” Carrier said. Maya’s Love is based in San Antonio.

Uvalde residents are feeling the pain, even if they aren’t in the awful position families who lost loved ones are in. They still live there and can sense what the incident has done to the community.

“My heart dropped to the floor. I was scared. You know, I have friends that have kids that attended that school,” Uvalde resident Martina Aviles said.

Lucy Cardona lives close to Robb Elementary where the shooting happened and knew both teachers, Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles, who were killed in the shooting.

“The teachers, they’re never coming back. And those innocent children, too,” Cardona said. “They were both loyal, dedicated, good teachers. The kids adored them, they loved them. And I did too. And I’m really, I’m hurting.”

Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District set up a memorial fund to help families, and there are ways to help with medical and funeral costs.