(NEXSTAR) — Texas-based liquor chain Spec’s — which you may recognize by its bespectacled rabbit mascot — recently released its list of the 10 most popular Texas-made beers at its stores.

In no particular order, here’s Spec’s most popular local brews, including a bit about each.

Lone Pint Yellow Rose — Spec’s reports this “SMaSH IPA” (single malt, single hop) IPA has received top honors by multiple polls. Lone Pint Brewery, located in Magnolia, created the “massively dry hopped” brew, which the company says offers tastes of “grapefruit, pineapple and blueberry flavor.” ABV: 6.8%.

Live Oak Hefeweizen — One of many Austin nightlife staples you’ll see on this list, Live Oak’s Hefeweizen can be found at many a bar in the Live Music Capitol of the World. Austin-based Live Oak Brewing Company says its popular beer is modeled after “classic wheat beers of Bavaria” and contains natural notes of “vanilla, clove and banana.” ABV: 5.3%.

Saint Arnold Lawnmower — The Lawnmower, crafted by Houston-based Saint Arnold Brewing Company, is a “true German-style Kölsch” beer originally brewed in Cologne and with a floral aroma, the company says. Spec’s writes of Lawnmower, “[it’s] been the gateway beer for most people in Texas.” ABV: 4.9%.

512 Brewing Pecan Porter — Created by Austin-based (512) Brewing Company, this “nearly black in color” brew offers tastes of chocolate and, obviously, pecan. Spec’s calls this pick “one of the most in-demand porters from Texas.” ABV: 6.2%.

Community Beer Mosaic IPACommunity Beer Co. in Dallas describes its Mosaic IPA as “your floral, tropical go-to IPA.” Spec’s says it “bursting” with tropical flavors and offers drinkers aromas of “mango, papaya and blueberry.” This one also packs a punch: ABV: 8.6%.

Martin House True Love Raspberry Sour — The only sour to make Spec’s list, True Love, by Fort Worth-based Martin House Brewing Company, is also raspberry-sweetened. True Love is one of many unique flavors offered by the company, which also features a Sour Pickle Beer. ABV: 5.2%.

Real Ale Axis IPA — Named after the axis deer of southern Asia, this tropical fruit and citrus IPA pairs well with roasted pork carnitas, the Blanco-located Real Ale Brewing Co. says. As far as alcohol goes, we’ve got another heavy hitter here: ABV: 7.1%.

Revolver Blood and Honey — This ale offers a finish of “blood orange peel, Texas honey and a blend of spices,” the Granbury-based Revolver Brewing says. The deep-brown brew is among the company’s five year-round items, in addition to seasonal flavors. ABV: 7%.

Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap Pils — Another ATX staple, Pearl Snap’s recognizable green can can be spotted in the dark of any dimly lit East Sixth Street bar. Brewed in Texas’ Capitol City by Austin Beer Works, Spec’s describes this German-style pilsner is described as “crisp,” saying it “always delivers.” ABV: 5.3%.

Lakewood Brewing Temptress Milk Stout — “Consider this the beer equivalent of a peanut butter cup,” says Garland-located Lakewood Brewing. Expect tastes of chocolate, peanuts, “and a touch of sea salt.” Also, get ready for a real kick: ABV: 9.1%.

Spec’s is based in Texas and was first opened in Houston in 1962. The company says it has over 180 locations as of 2022.