AUSTIN (KXAN) — According to U-Haul, Texas is the most popular state to move to.

The moving company said Texas edged Florida in the net gain of one-way moving trucks entering and leaving the state to reclaim the top spot it held from 2016-18. The data includes more than two-million one-way U-Haul moving truck trips during 2021, comprising the “U-Haul Growth Index,” the company said.

Florida was No. 2 on the list, followed by Tennessee, South Carolina and Arizona. Tennessee was 2020’s top growth state according to the moving company.

Matt Merrill, a district vice president based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for U-Haul, said people from all over the country are picking up and moving to the Lone Star State.

“A lot of people moving here from California (and) New York. We also see a lot of people coming in from the Chicago markets,” he said. “I think that’s a lot due to the job growth — a lot of opportunity here. The cost of living here is much lower than those areas.”

Arrivals of one-way trucks in Texas jumped 19% from 2020, the company said.

On the other side of the spectrum, the state with the biggest net loss of one-way trucks was California. The loss in 2021 wasn’t as big as it was in 2020 because the state simply didn’t have enough inventory in 2021 to meet demand, the company said.

U-Haul data said the largest growth in Texas happened in suburban areas around the DFW metroplex.