SEGUIN, Texas (KXAN) — There’s a sleight of hand “magician” stealing money from Walmart, the Seguin Police Department said Monday.

On two occasions, Jan. 10 and Feb. 12, SPD said a man used a “quick-change” scheme to swipe a total of $2,700 from unknowing cashiers at the big-box store.

“Seguin’s next David Blaine made a stop at Walmart for a quick magic show. Sadly, only he knew about the performance,” the department posted on its Facebook page.

The scheme to confuse cashiers has been around for years. The thief will pay for an inexpensive item with a large bill, and while the cashier is counting out the large amount going back, the thief swipes some of it and then tells the cashier they miscounted the money. The cashier then counts out more money, giving the thief extra cash.

SPD released two photos of the “magician and fashionista,” from surveillance cameras. SPD would like to book him, “for his next magic performance,” so call Det. Schramm at 830-379-2123 if you recognize the man.