SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Texas “Killing Fields” alleged murderer, Clyde Edwin Hedrick, is being considered for release from supervision and GPS monitoring. The founder of Texas EquuSearch and the father of one of the victims, has asked the public to consider writing to the parole board to request that they do not release him.

Clyde Edwin Hedrick Mug Shot CC Texas Equusearch

According to Texas EquuSearch, Hedrick is an alleged serial killer believed to have raped and murdered Laura Miller, Heide Fye Villareal, Audrey Cook and Donna Prudhomme – victims of a series of murders that became infamously known as the “Killing Fields.”

Hedrick was released from prison in 2021 after only serving eight years of a 20-year sentence for the death of Ellen Beason. According to Texas Equusearch, this early release was due to the Mandatory Release law – (Eligible offenders are released onto mandatory supervision when their calendar time served added to their good time credit equals the length of their prison sentence. CC Tx Department of Criminal Justice). Upon being released Hedrick was given an ankle monitor for GPS tracking.

The parole board is now considering removing all supervision requirements and removing his GPS monitor allowing Hedrick to be completely free.

“There are child victims of CLYDE EDWIN HEDRICK who are now adults and are afraid of his release,” said Texas Equusearch, “There are rape and attempted murder victims of CLYDE EDWIN HEDRICK who are afraid of his release. Victims and victims’ families are afraid for their safety upon his release.”

The State of Texas VS. Clyde Edwin Hendrick court records:

Texas EquuSearch said the board could meet as early as next week.