Texas family stung by bees; upset with lack of city assistance


“I guess the word is 'helpless.' That’s how I felt. You know?”

ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – As summer rolls around, so do the return of bees. The Chacon family in Odessa says members of their family were attacked by swarms of what they call, killer bees, sending their dog and 8-month-old to the ER.

“It was pretty traumatizing to be honest. I wake up in the middle of the night slapping my neck, because I can feel them on me. Or at least I think I can.”

Father, Adrian Chacon, says he is exhausted and feels helpless after fighting off bees since last Saturday. Four members of his family are recovering, including him, his brother, the family dog, and his 8-month-old son.

“You could just hear the buzzing buzzing loudly. I didn’t know where they were coming from. Turns out, they were stuck under my dog just stinging him. It got on my son, and it stung him. I’m really upset about that. It makes me feel very bad, because I wasn’t there for him when he was getting stung. I just want to go back to normal,” said Chacon.

His dog was ultimately sent to the veterinarian and his son to the emergency room. Chacon was stung repeatedly too, while single-handedly killing around 60 of them himself.

“I was so frustrated, and upset and scared,” explained Chacon. “I went into the room with my kids, I closed the door, and I had to put my head against the wall, and I just took a deep breath.”

But what stings more than the stings themselves is the lack of assistance from the city. Chacon called 9-1-1, Animal Control, an exterminator, and a professional.

“I guess the word is ‘helpless.’ That’s how I felt. You know?” 

All told him there is nothing they could do about honey bees and sent no help on the way. It took two days for an apology and a call to action.

“City of Odessa called me this morning. They were apologizing, that I should’ve been helped. It’s kind of sad that I have to rant about it on social media, and I guess put pressure on people, for them to give a second thought about it,” stated Chacon.

Chacon, with the help of Animal Control, located the beehive in his neighbor’s backyard. He says it is now up to his neighbor on how he wants to proceed. He says while he is thankful for the amount of support he has received on Facebook, he wants to put all this behind him.

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