SAN ANGELO, Texas – Jayden Tapia, a fifth-grade student at San Angelo ISD is helping his fellow classmates and future students of McGill Elementary by raising money for new P.E. and recess equipment. All of this started on Sept. 9, the same day he got elected Student Council President.

Before Jayden even made this fundraiser public, he had to win his peer’s vote to get the position of Student Council President. Ernie Tapia, Jayden’s father, told Concho Valley Homepage staff what Jayden shared with his classmates and teachers during a speech he gave.

“In his speech, he wrote that one of his reason’s to be president was to raise money for them,” said Ernie. “That was one of the reasons he started running.”

After talking with his friends and classmates, Jayden learned the students wanted to play new games like a gaga-ball, football, and basketball. This new equipment would also benefit both present and future students who attend McGill Elementary Jayden shared.

Since starting the GoFundMe “Help McGill Elementary with new PE and playground equipment” fundraiser on Sept. 9, Jayden has raised $345 of his $1,000 goal. This amount of money raised was as of Sept. 19th. at 12 p.m.

Laura Tapia, Jayden’s mother and a secretary at McGill Elementary, shared that the coordinator of the Student Council was very excited to hear about Jayden’s idea when she reached out.

“There is a lot that the school needs,” Laura explained. “Whatever they raise, it’s going to be such a big help for McGill.”

Both Ernie and Laura shared their shock when Jayden told them about his fundraising idea.

“It was a shock for me just to see him come out of his shell a little bit,” said Ernie. “I think it is really great initiative on his part,” shared Laura.

Not only does Jayden have a goal to get new items for P.E. and recess he also has his eyes set on another program he is a part of that needs some upgrades as well.

“We have a thing called KKME Morning Show,” Jayden explained. “I want to get better mics for the morning show we have at McGill.”

Every year at McGill fifth grade students audition, write an essay on why they are a good leader to be cast and then get selected by their teachers to host the KKME Morning Show. Jayden shares that this show is where all school news, birthdays, and idioms are shared across the campus every morning.

“The kids love it,” Laura said. “Especially the rest of the school kids. They think it is so cool to see some of the older peers on TV.”

Jayden also shared words of encouragement with Concho Valley Homepage staff for anyone that is looking for ways to step out and help those around them and in their community.

“Get out of your comfort zone and do that best you can to help,” he said. “Ask to see what others need.”

If you are interested in helping Jayden raise money for new equipment visit GoFundMe: “Help McGill Elementary with new PE and playground equipment” fundraiser.