TEXAS (KXAN) — The Texas Department of Public Safety announced Tuesday it would roll out randomized safety inspections of commercial vehicles along the Texas border. The inspections will happen as vehicles cross international ports into the state, officials noted in a release.

“We are committed to enforcing compliance with safety standards and one of our department’s primary functions is to ensure Texas roadways are safe for all Texans and visitors to our great state,” DPS Director Steven McCraw said in the release.

McCraw added the department won’t detail specifics of these randomized inspections due to “security reasons.” He said the department to “help deter cartel smuggling activity along our southern border while increasing the safety of our roadways.”

Earlier this year, Abbott directed DPS to do similar inspections, both to stop human smuggling and make sure vehicles complied with those safety standards. Border Report reported in April truck drivers experienced a huge spike in wait times after they crossed the border. On April 15, Abbott eased the inspections after making agreements with Mexican states on “enhanced border security enforcement measures.”