ORLANDO, Fla. (KXAN) — A North Texas bulldog was crowned the American Kennel Club’s “national champion” recently.

The bulldog, known as “Star”, won “Best in Show” at the AKC National Championship in Orlando over the Dec. 17-18 weekend. She is owned by Alaina Moulton, Kevin Mason and Natalie Mason of Glen Rose, which is about an hour southwest of Fort Worth, according to an AKC release.

“Star” won best of breed over 30 bulldogs and the non-sporting group allowing her the opportunity to be named “Best in Show,” the release states.

“Star” was revealed publicly as the champion after the show aired on national television on New Year’s Day. The 3-year-old bulldog bested more than 5,300 challengers for the $50,000 prize, the release states.

New AKC breeds

The AKC announced Tuesday it has added two breeds to its purebred lineup.

The Russian toy and the mudi are now recognized by the club, meaning the two breeds can compete in dog shows. The AKC is considered the governing body for many dog shows.