HOUSTON (Nexstar) — Thousands of people turned out to the final public visitation for George Floyd in Houston on Monday, June 8.

“I knew it was going to be crowded but I never knew it was going to be like this,” said Dallas native Brett White.

White brought the portrait he painted of Floyd to share with others at the visitation, seen below.

“I really felt as though it was important for me to illustrate and display everything that took place in that particular time as well as what happened to myself emotionally and spiritually,” White said.

He spent hours in line outside, waiting for a bus to shuttle him over to the Fountain of Praises church for the viewing. Volunteers with the Right to Justice were there to keep the crowd hydrated.

“We had some great donors donate water, donate flowers to leave at the casket, the water to give to people out here that’s trying to show support,” Koretta Brown explained.

Brown said she will never forget the experience.

“There’s always going to be a moment in history and everybody’s life right that, they say, ‘This is the moment that impacted me or this is the moment that made me move,’ or something like that where…this is that moment, right?” Brown added.

She said she hopes the moment sparks permanent change.

“It’s time to pass on policies, it’s time to get out and vote. It’s time to hold police officers accountable. It’s time to hold mayors of our cities and our city councils accountable,” Brown added.

Floyd’s burial service is set for Tuesday. It’s a private event, closed to the public.