AUSTIN (KXAN) — Texas is no stranger to natural disasters.

Just two weeks ago, tornadoes tore through Central Texas, leaving hundreds of people picking up pieces from the devastation.

One of those people was Round Rock resident Jason Pineda said.

“Went outside, and we thought it was just maybe a little bit damaged at our house, and then we realized it was like the whole neighborhood, the whole block,” he said.

However, areas such as Williamson County should soon be covered when disaster strikes.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management is hiring 100 new field response employees, called County Liaison Officers, across the state.

This new program will place state emergency management personnel in 137 of the 254 counties, increasing coverage from 12% of the Texas counties to over 53%.

These new emergency management personnel will be trained and equipped to work as part of an incident management team to support local, regional and statewide efforts.

“We’re going to be able to provide a more comprehensive state support for more Texas communities,” TDEM media and communications officer Wes Rapaport said.

These County Liaison Officers will be permanently placed in rural and metropolitan areas throughout the state.

“When the disaster is over, and the recovery is ongoing, there’ll be somebody there with you,” Rapaport said.

The CLOs will be recruited and hired in groups of 20. The first 20 positions are advertised on the TDEM website now, and the next round of positions is expected soon.

Interested applicants can visit the TDEM website.