AUSTIN (KXAN) — Is there anything more Texas than having a candle that smells like sweet tea? We argue not.

In May, an HEB fan account tweeted that HEB had come out with new candle scents. The Texas-loved grocery chain has a collection of uniquely scented candles.

“This is not a drill,” H-E-B Obsessed posted on Instagram. Indeed, it is not a drill.

The HEB Newsroom account confirmed the new candle scents: “Check out the new @HEB scented candles that smell like some of your favorite HEB products,” they said.

Those scents are now listed on the website. They’re linked below for easy access.

The scents are… drumroll please:

The scents are the latest of HEB’s unique candle collection. Other flavors include cinnamon rolls, brownies, honey and buttered popcorn.