AUSTIN (KXAN) — With nearly three million Texas out of work since March, for many people finding a new job is a priority.

Others are returning to work for the first time.

Career Expert Sarah Stoddard from the job search company Glassdoor talked with KXAN about trends the company is seeing in the job market.

Tom Miller: What have you been seeing on Glassdoor in terms of the number of jobs being posted?

Sarah Stoddard: There’s no doubt that this is a challenging job market. For the most part across glassdoor data, job openings are declining. In the U.S. since the start of March, jobs are down about 29%, and in Texas jobs are down about 32% since last year. Across the board, hiring is down, however, in the United States there are still 4.4 million open jobs available.

Tom: What industries are hiring?

Sarah: We’re seeing an uptick in hiring in retail, restaurants and bars, private security and facilities, as well as a slight uptick in travel and tourism because we know that that industry, in particular, has been hit the hardest in terms of this pandemic.

Tom: Glassdoor conducted a survey that found nearly three in four workers say they’re eager to return to the office, what reasons did they give?

Sarah: People are eager to move forward. Part of that is going to a physical office space. The top two reasons we saw – socializing with coworkers, and in-person work collaboration.

Tom: What did that survey find people are asking for when it comes to safely returning to work?

Sarah: Seventy-nine percent expect their employer to provide disinfectant, hand sanitizer. Over half expect their employers to mandate that their employees wear facemasks, and gloves. Nearly half expect their employer to physically space out work stations by six feet, and then 38 percent expect their employer to actually check their employees’ temperatures as they enter the physical office environment.

Tom: How important is it for employers to at least lay out a plan?

Sarah: Communication is absolutely essential in terms of when it’s time to go back to work. Employers should first off figure out what the plan is to keep employees safe and comfortable when they return to the workplace and make sure they communicate what that plan actually looks like.

Tom: What advice do you have to people seeking work?

Sarah: Look through the job descriptions to identify key terms that you can infuse in your resume to help make your resume stand out to the creator. Finally, you might think that if you’re stuck at home you can’t network, you actually can. Use professional networking sites as well as video technologies to reconnect with old colleagues and mentors as well as build new relationships with future mentors and people you look up to, to signal that you are ready for a job now and in the future.