AUSTIN (KXAN) — A crew of Southwest Airlines workers went “to infinity and beyond” to help a Buzz Lightyear toy soar back home.

A young traveler and his family landed at Dallas Love Field Airport when he realized his “special buddy” was left behind on the plane.  

Hagen and his family were already driving off in a rental car by the time his Buzz Lightyear toy soared across its next destination on another flight. The plane landed in Little Rock, Arkansas, and that’s when a ramp agent, Jason, noticed the action figure.

The Buzz Lightyear toy is based off a character from the hit movie, “Toy Story.” Searching for a way to find the toy’s owner, Jason checked the bottom. There, Hagen had his name written on the bottom of his toy similar to the character, Andy, in the movie. With the help of his coworkers, Jason was able to find Hagen’s information and reunite him with his toy.

Hagen’s “little buddy” arrived a few days later via mail in a hand-decorated box with pictures and a letter that described the Buzz Lightyear toy’s mission.   

“There’s definitely not enough good in this world, and for someone to take the time out of their day to do that for strangers means the world to us.” said Ashley, Hagen’s mom, in a social media post from Southwest.