LAKE WORTH, Texas (KXAN) — Police arrested an unusual suspect that was reportedly terrorizing an ATM earlier this week in North Texas.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department helped officers in Lake Worth, just outside of Fort Worth, wrangle a small alligator Wednesday night.

The Lake Worth Police Department posted a video of the alligator rescue on social media, saying officers responded to a wildlife call at an ATM after “hissing” was reported near it.

When they got there, a three-and-a-half foot gator was found, right there out in the open.

“We’ve never seen a gator outside of the lake — ever,” said an officer on the body-worn camera video.

“We thought it came from somebody’s yard or something,” the officials theorized.

The scaly suspect can be seen resisting the TPWD personnel’s attempt to use a snare pole. Ultimately, the animal was relocated to an “appropriate habitat nearby.”

Lake Worth Police urged residents to leave the handling of wild animals to TPWD professionals.