AUSTIN (KXAN) — The holidays can be a lonely reminder for some people struggling to have a baby.

“It is a super sad and tough time,” said Phil Loewy with the Fertility Foundation of Texas. “People have so much love to give, and they want to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents and hold that beautiful baby in their arms. Sadly, it’s not always easy to have children. It’s more common than we think.”

The Fertility Foundation of Texas is trying to help in more ways than one with a gift of hope for the holidays. It’s a care package delivered to the front door of someone going through treatment to have a baby, an often expensive and stressful process.

“We’re appealing to the five senses,” said Loewy. “There is a pair of socks for touch, guided meditation for audio and hearing, scented candle for smell, a soothing tea for taste, our ‘Fertility and Beyond’ book for sight and a little bit of extra education.”

The Hope for the Holidays care package costs $49 to send and is valued at $150 but is worth so much more, said Loewy.

“By purchasing that care package, you’re not only supporting your loved one, your own family member or friend but also another deserving family. You’re giving them the chance to have a baby,” said Loewy. “100% of these profits goes towards grants for Central Texans, who, as I mentioned otherwise, would not be able to have the financial resources to grow their families.”

The Fertility Foundation offers grants to uninsured infertility patients who cannot afford care in Central Texas.

“A cycle of in vitro fertilization can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $16,000 on the low end. Medication is extremely expensive,” said Loewy.

The Fertility Foundation offers grants of up to $10,000 to help people undergo treatment. Helping someone become a parent is a personal mission for Loewy.

“I struggled with fertility myself. I am so blessed with two baby boys now,” she said.

“Both of them are the results of me undergoing fertility treatments. So, I am so grateful. We hoped and prayed, and this hits home for me.”

Loewy is not only a mom of two boys but a board member with the Fertility Foundation of Texas, raising money and hope for others.

KXAN asked Loewy, “do you think when you were going through the holidays and didn’t have your boys yet — would a gift like this have helped you?”

“Definitely,” said Loewy. “Just knowing that someone is there taking a little time for self-care in between injections or heartache. Just that little bit of hope, that reminder that you’re not alone makes all the difference in the world.”

Click here to buy and send a Hope for the Holidays care package to someone.