SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs know they cannot erase the pain that the residents of Uvalde, Texas have felt since May 24.

They can, however, continue reminding the city of 16,000 people that they’re not forgotten.

The Spurs are planning what they’re calling a community impact event in Uvalde on Oct. 8; details are still being finalized, but it seems likely the entire team and Popovich will be making the 85-mile trip from San Antonio to the place where 21 people — 19 of them students — were killed at Robb Elementary School by a gunman four months ago.

Popovich, a five-time champion coach during his Spurs tenure and the NBA’s all-time leader in coaching wins, has spoken out often about his desire for tougher gun control laws. He also spoke at an event in Uvalde in June, and the Spurs are one of many teams who have pledged support for the community.

The NBA previously announced the formation of the “Sport for Healing Fund,” created to provide “long-term support for the Uvalde community by creating and investing in trauma and healing-centered care for youth and families.” The NBA, along with the Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets and the NHL’s Dallas Stars, made the initial contributions to the fund, which will look to connect with children through sports and building safe places like community outdoor play areas.