AUSTIN (KXAN) — After President Donald Trump gave remarks at the White House Thursday afternoon, many were quick to point out his unsupported claims of voter fraud in the presidential election.

As of Thursday night, the race remained uncalled as ballots were still being counted in key states like Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Recently re-elected U.S. representatives for Texas sounded off on Twitter, reacting to Trump’s speech.

Republican Rep. Roger Williams, who won re-election to U.S. House District 25 over Democratic challenger Julie Oliver, largely stood with Trump, saying the presidential election is “corrupt” and blamed it on “radical Dems.”

Republican Rep. John Carter, who was re-elected to U.S. House District 31 over Donna Imam Tuesday night, said every ballot should be counted and that “free and fair elections are the bedrock of our democracy.”

Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett won his re-election for U.S. House District 35. He said only “the people decide the outcome of elections,” not just when those in power approve of the results. He went on to say that “every voter counts.”

Rep. Chip Roy, who was re-elected to U.S. House District 21 over Democratic challenger Wendy Davis, released a statement Thursday night, saying voters must ensure the integrity of elections.

“The simple fact is that we must ensure that only legally and timely cast votes are counted toward the election, and that vote results are not uploaded without observers being present and able to do their job,” the statement read.