Prices are too low? The first Buc-ee’s outside Texas is being sued

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BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala (NBC/ KXAN) — The first Buc-ee’s outside of Texas has only been open a few weeks and already they are facing some big legal troubles.

Oasis Travel Center of Robertsdale is suing Buc-ee’s in Alabama for having gas prices that are so low, they’re being described as “predatory pricing,” that is doing irreparable damage to its competition in the area, according to a report by an NBC affiliate in Alabama

When the Alabama Buc-ee’s opened, they reportedly sold gas for less than $1.80 per gallon, which was the lowest price for gas in the county.

The lawsuit said that Buc-ee’s shouldn’t be allowed to sell gas for less than what they paid for it — something Alabama law backs up. The lawsuit claims Buc-ee’s is selling gas for less to squeeze out the competition in the area. 


An attorney for the plaintiff said Buc-ee’s violation of the law is harmful. “With the intent and effect of harming competition, not only from a competitor’s standpoint is it unfair, if someone is able to do that, competition will ultimately be reduced then those typically larger price leaders will dictate to the public what the price is going to be for gas,” said attorney for Oasis Dean Mooty to the NBC affiliate.

Buc-ee’s sent a statement to the Dallas Morning News which read, “Buc-ee’s has always provided our customers with the best experience on the highway, from the world’s cleanest bathrooms to great food. Part of this experience includes high-quality fuels, priced fairly and competitively.” 

While the company might be in hot water for low gas prices, business has been good and customers are flocking to Buc-ee’s. The Texas behemoth is expected to open more locations in Alabama and Florida.

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