AUSTIN, Texas (Nexstar)— A conservative, pro-Ken Paxton runoff poll found Texans it surveyed, favor Paxton as the state’s Attorney General.

Defend Texas Liberty PAC put out a survey, open from March 29 through April 2 this year.

According to its results document, 678 people—who were randomly selected from a group of people who are likely to vote in the primary runoff— responded to the survey. Research concluded the survey is 95% accurate.

95 percent of the surveys respondents said they were very likely to vote, 78 percent considered themselves republicans.

59% said they would vote for Paxton, while 30 percent said they’d cast a ballot for George P. Bush. 11% were undecided. Of those who are undecided, 61% favor Paxton. 39% favor Bush.

Bush responded to poll results on Monday in a tweet:

“Ken paid for and produced his own poll showing him winning. He believes that Texas wants an indicted, under investigation crook to be their chief law enforcement officer. I firmly believe that Republicans in Texas have integrity and value it in their elected officials.”

Here’s a breakdown of survey results for other Republican Primary races:

Land Commissioner:

Dawn Buckingham 42%
Tim Westley 18%
Undecided 40%

Which candidate do you have a more favorable opinion of? [IF UNDECIDED]
Dawn Buckingham 58%
Tim Westley 42%

Railroad Commissioner:

Wayne Christian 50%
Sarah Stogner 24%
Undecided 26%

Which candidate do you have a more favorable opinion of? [IF UNDECIDED]
Wayne Christian 66%
Sarah Stogner 34%