MILAM COUNTY, Texas (KWKT) — The Milam County District Attorney announced Thursday morning that Shawn Boniello, also known as Shayla Boniello, pleaded guilty to a Capital Murder charge and received a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

Boniello is accused of beating 20-month-old Patricia Ann Rader to death in December 2018.

Rader’s family had claimed Boniello had beaten Patricia other times while the toddler was under Boniello’s watch.

Thomas Bond – the uncle of Patricia Ann “Annie” Rader, says the grandfather was in a relationship with accused murderer Boniello. The grandfather also had temporary custody of Patricia Ann.

Bond called FOX44 News Thursday morning, saying District Attorney Bill Torrey had informed the family about the plea deal. Bond says the family is not happy about the decision.