BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Police said a woman was arrested after allegedly forging her father’s signature to take out cash loans and exploiting him to co-sign a car loan.

Sandra Rebecca Garcia, 46, was arrested Monday by the Brownsville Police Department on charges of exploitation of child/elderly/disabled person and credit/debit card abuse, according to officials.

“When family members confronted her and advised her that she had no legal authority to take the money and/or forge the victim’s signature, Garcia fled to Mexico, taking the vehicle with her,” police said.

Garcia was taking care of her 76-year-old father and is accused by police of forging his signature to obtain cash loans and credit cards, according to police. Also, Garcia allegedly would withdraw money from her father’s bank account and deposit it into a separate account, police said.

Authorities also allege she exploited her father to co-sign for a vehicle under the pretext that she needed the car to drive him to doctor’s appointments.

On Monday, Customs and Border Protection acted on an arrest warrant for Garcia. Garcia was taken to the Brownsville City Jail and her arraignment took place Tuesday, police said.

Her bonds total $20,000.