AUSTIN (KXAN) – On Wednesday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced a $43.3 million dollar settlement against JUUL Labs would begin in Texas state court.

Paxton said the settlement was a part of a more than $430 million resolution between JUUL Labs and 33 states and territories. The settlement resulted from the two-year bipartisan investigation into JUUL’s marketing and sales practices.

“This settlement makes important progress towards ensuring that JUUL is held accountable for its attempts to entice our young people with deceptive advertising,” said Attorney General Paxton. “After a two-year investigation, it’s clear that JUUL violated the law, and I’m proud to say that my office has been helping lead the charge to ensure JUUL never takes advantage of young people again.” 

Paxton said the settlement with JUUL included marketing, sales and distribution restrictions. The restrictions included the following:

  • a prohibition on marketing targeted at youth
  • limits on in-store displays and access
  • online sales limits
  • retail sales limits
  • age verification requirements on all sales
  • a retail compliance check protocol

Paxton also said the settlement included provisions to protect settling states in the event of future bankruptcy.