DALLAS (KDAF) — In Dallas and Fort Worth, people don’t seem to want to be tied down, at least not according to a new study. They would rather be “Texas two-steppin’!”

On a new list of the most unfaithful cities in America, Dallas, and Fort Worth topped the list.

MyDatingAdviser.com has a thing it calls the Infidelity Index. The study looked at divorce, separation, and marriage rates in 200 U.S. cities.

In addition, it took into account the number of places to meet for an affair, Google searches for the word “affair,” and Ashley Madison searches.

“While most would assume that bigger cities probably produce more cheaters per capita, this data shows us what we were already aware of; cheaters are everywhere, and infidelity can happen anywhere – in large cities and small ones,” said MyDatingAdviser.com.

You can check out the full report on the Dating Adviser website.