DALLAS (KDAF) — Well… Dallas was on the list for having the most cheaters in the country, so it would make sense that maybe Texas’ marriage track record wasn’t that great either.

According to a new study by USA Facts, the average marriage in Texas doesn’t last long with the state coming in third among the top ten U.S. states. The data was provided using the information from the US Census Bureau.

“…. the American Community Survey (ACS) [is used] to collect vital information about our nation, including marriage data. And although marriage is becoming less common, it remains an important aspect of life for many Americans,” USA Facts mentions in their study.

The longest duration of marriages was found predominantly in the Midwest. While those on the West Coast married later.

Further research is needed to determine the causes of Texas’s shorter marriages and to identify sociological and cultural factors that may have an impact on how long relationships last. However, ACS data shows that marriage journeys, problems and conflicts in the United States are just as diverse as the country.

The information raises questions regarding the situation of marriage stability. The study also tackled same-sex marriages, marriages by age and other demographics. To see the complete list, click here.