AUSTIN (KXAN) — A Texas murder case that garnered national attention is now getting its own movie, which premieres Saturday, Sept. 23, on Lifetime, according to the Lifetime website.

“Stolen Baby: The Murder of Heidi Broussard” will tell the story of Magen Fieramusca, the woman accused of killing Heidi Broussard and kidnapping her 3-week-old baby in December 2019. Broussard and her family lived in Austin at the time.

The Murder Case

Back in January, Fieramusca pleaded guilty to the murder of Broussard, who was her best friend. Travis County District Court Judge Selena Alvarenga sentenced her to 55 years in prison.

Magen Fieramusca
Magen Fieramusca (Photo courtesy of APD)

Broussard’s body was found stuffed in a duffel bag in the trunk of a car near a home in Jersey Village, Texas, where Fieramusca was living with her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Green in late 2019. She had been missing for more than a week before her body was found.

The car where Broussard’s body was found was registered to Fieramusca, and inside the home was Broussard’s daughter, Margo Carey, who Fieramusca pretended was her own, according to police.

Fieramusca met Broussard 10 years before she killed her when they were pre-teens at a church camp called the Texas Bible Institute, according to a friend. The two were so close that Fieramusca was one of the three people at the south Austin hospital where Broussard delivered her baby.

Maygen Humphreys aka Magen Fieramusca and Heidi Broussard (Courtesy Caressa Nolte and Rachel West)
Maygen Humphreys aka Magen Fieramusca and Heidi Broussard (Courtesy Caressa Nolte and Rachel West)

While Broussard was pregnant, Fieramusca told her boyfriend at the time, Green, that she was also pregnant. Green said that Fieramusca’s stomach hardened and grew during this period, but, due to their relationship being rocky, he never saw her bare stomach, according to police documents.

The Lifetime Movie

The movie premieres at 8/7 p.m. CST on Saturday on Lifetime and will stream on Sunday, the website said.

Fieramusca is portrayed by Emily Osment and Broussard is portrayed by Anna Hopkins. Additionally, Ian Lake and Briar Nolet also star in the movie, according to Lifetime.