KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) — On Friday, more than 100 A&M Central Texas graduates are going to walk across the stage to celebrate their accomplishments. For one special graduate, her enlisted husband traveled halfway across the globe to experience this special moment with her.

Michelle Ramirez started her college journey six years ago at A&M – Central Texas to work toward her degree in computer information systems.

Ramirez said after overcoming several life challenges, she is happy to close this life chapter.

She said it was an unreal experience to welcome her husband back from the Middle East.

“Here we are, six years later, literally one day before graduation, and still in shock,” said Ramirez.

Running out of GI Bill funding from her father, Ramirez had to go from being a full-time student, to part-time, to sometimes no classes to save money.

“It seemed like every time I’d get knocked down, I just kept going,” said Ramirez. “I would reregister every semester if I had to get out.”

Ramirez said she worked multiple jobs, and one she consistently had was with the university bookstore where she worked for over three years.

“You have your long nights and not being able to sleep sometimes,” said Ramirez. “This was a very accommodating job in that regard, so it worked well with my school schedule. I could still get a little bit of money here and there.”

She married Nathan Ramirez in 2019 and had even more responsibilities to handle as a military wife.

Not able to see his wife in person for three years, Nathan said he made sure to stay in communication with her, constantly encouraging and supporting her.

“I’ll tell her like, no, no, no, keep going, and I try to be with her as much as I can along the way,” Nathan said.

“We do try to dedicate at least an hour or two a day just to check up on each other,” Michelle said. “How are you doing? Did you have a good day, or was it not great? What can I do to help?”

For anyone in similar circumstances, Ramirez has one thing to say.

“Don’t compare yourself to others,” said Ramirez. “Your story and your completion rate will always fall into place at the speed that it’s meant to be for you.”

After graduation, Ramirez and her husband are going on vacation to Washington state to enjoy the moment. As for the future, Ramirez has goals set to attend law school.