EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Bill Robertson a.k.a. Dr. Skateboard, Dean of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso, is on a mission to educate students in physics and science through skateboarding.

Dr. Skateboard holds five degrees, has been skateboarding for over 40 years and never plans on stopping.

“You know, UTEP has been a wonderful place for me to work because it’s always given me the next opportunity and always supported the idea of ‘Dr. Skateboard’ which I find unique in higher education,” he says.

Action science became something that grew out of his live shows at schools talking about the physics of skateboarding through forces, motions, and Newton’s laws while making it fun and educational. Besides live shows and educational videos, Dr. Skateboard has also been working on graphic novels to attract a younger audience.

“The purpose behind it is for young people to pursue their education, but for other people to not marginalize young people from pursuing their passions,” he adds.

However, his ultimate goal is to help people. “If you like people, it’s a good job, and I do like people. I like what I do. Sure there are challenging days, but I think at the end, we are all trying to help others, and in many ways, our mission here is to help students achieve their dreams and get to their goals, its pretty easy to motivate yourself when you’re helping others succeed,” Dr. Skateboard said.