AUSTIN (KXAN) — Matthew McConaughey continues to rally Texans during times of crisis.

As the state tries to rebound from a historic week of devastating winter storms, the actor, college professor and Austinite is using his Just Keep Livin Foundation to try to help “rebuild” Texas with a virtual benefit in the next two weeks, he said.

“The storm has left so many Texans without the bare necessities they need to survive,” he said in a video on his Instagram account. “Camila and I are presently working with some wonderful organizations on the ground in Texas, and we know help is going to be needed for a while.”

He said to keep an eye on his Instagram account for more details in the coming day, and he also plans on giving more updates on how people can help Texans get back to being Texans.

“If you’re a ‘have,’ please go help a ‘have-not,'” he said. “Right now is the best time to safely check on your neighbors. Go knock on a door, go volunteer.”