AUSTIN (KXAN) — Matthew McConaughey is not running for Texas governor, according to a video posted to his social media accounts Sunday night.

McConaughey released a three-minute video, saying he is choosing not to take the path of politics “at this moment.” The Academy Award-winning actor says he’ll instead support his organizations and foundations that help people succeed.

The candidate filing deadline is Dec. 13. For over a year, McConaughey teased in multiple interviews that he was considering something into politics.

“Over the past two years, I’ve been working on the answers to the question: ‘How can I be most useful in this life going forward?’ McConaughey said Sunday. “Useful to myself, useful to my family, and to the most of my people. One category I’ve been exploring is politics… it’s a path I’m choosing not to take at this moment. What I’m going to do? I’m going to continue to invest the bounty I have into supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and foundations that I believe are leaders.”

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, McConaughey, 52, said a governorship isn’t something he’s taking lightly.

“I’m a storyteller. I’m a CEO. But being CEO of a state?” McConaughey said. “Am I best equipped for the people in the state, and for my family and myself? There’s great sacrifice that comes with a decision.”

Previous polling showed McConaughey would’ve had some support if he had decided to enter the governor race.

An April poll from The Dallas Morning News and University of Texas Tyler, surveyed 1,126 registered adult voters — 30% Democrats, 37% Republicans and 33% unaffiliated — 45% of which said they’d support McConaughey over incumbent Greg Abbott.